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Related article: Date: Wed, 23 Dec 1998 02:33:24 EST From: MindPieces Subject: Afflecktion- Parts 5 & 6Okay my dear readers, after an extremely long delay, I deliever the next two parts of Afflecktion. I'm sorry for the wait, and I promise that it won't take this long between installments again. I thank everyone for being patient, and I hope this lives up to your expectations. As always, this is a complete Preteen Toplist work of fiction, and I encourage anyone and everyone to e-mail me at MindPieces to let me know what you think. Enjoy, and Happy Holidays! Afflecktion- Part 5 My eyelids slowly pulled apart the next morning as sunbeams entered the room. I was laying close to Ben, his arm wrapped around me, the light bouncing off his face as he slept. The look of peacefulness on his face while he was sleeping was truly beautiful. It made me think of that song from Armageddon actually..."I could stay awake just to hear you you smile while you're sleeping...while you're far away and dreaming." I kissed Ben's sweet, closed eyes before getting out of bed, throwing on a pair of boxers, and going to the bathroom. After my bathroom break I decided that breakfast sounded like a good idea, and made my way down the hallway to the kitchen. I noticed as I walked that my ass was a little sore from the previous evening, but it was certainly worth it. A moment that amazing would be worth Preteen Toplist anything. Before I could get to the kitchen and raid the cupboards for cereal, I had to pass by the front room, which is where I saw Matt. He was sitting on the couch, wearing nothing but boxers, looking at the floor with his face buried in his hands. He almost looked like he'd been crying. I wasn't sure what to do...if it was my place to ask what was wrong, but it felt like the right question to ask. "Hey Matt. Good morning." "Oh hi David, good morning to you too." He looked up, quickly wiping the tears from his eyes so I wouldn't notice. He tried to sound like nothing was bothering him. "You doing okay?" I asked as I walked over near the couch. "Yeah, everything's fine. Why do you ask?" "Come on Matt, you know you can't fool me with that shit." I sat down next to him and put my hand on his back, rubbing it. "What is it?" "Oh man...just woman problems is all. I don't know why I'm letting it get to me." "Woman problems?" I asked, a look of confusion falling over my face. "Yeah, with Winona actually." "But you guys aren' know...really dating or anything right?" "No, and that's the problem." Matt wiped away the rest of his tears and looked me in the eyes. "Come on, you can tell me what happened." "Well for the past few months everything has been fine. We had an arrangement you know? We're friends and she agreed to act like my girlfriend for whatever big Hollywood parties I had to attend. But now..." Matt hesitated for a moment...I think he was ready to tear up again. "But now what?" He took a deep Preteen Toplist breath. "But now she says she's sick of pretending. That she has to sneak around to go on dates with other guys, because the press might catch her and it'll be front page news that she's cheating on me. She thinks we should just tell the truth." A hundred thoughts raced through my mind at once, a
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